Mission, vision and values


We cater to our customers’ every need for fresh vegetables and air cargo from Kenya in a highly professional manner.


·     Our objective in the market is to show initiative and take a preventative approach towards our customers.

·     We aim to increasingly provide greater added value than our competitors.

·     Our technological, qualitative and commercial excellence set us apart when it comes to processing, marketing and transporting fresh vegetables from Kenya.

·     Product innovation remains one of our top priorities.

·     We attach the utmost importance to maintaining excellent long-term relations with suppliers, buyers and end users as well as other stakeholders.


·     We believe that looking after one another is paramount and essential for a healthy corporate culture.

·     Everyone deserves equal opportunities for development and personal growth, regardless of their level, position, gender, nationality, race, culture or religion.

·     We respect everyone’s personal lifestyle choices with regard to religion, culture, race or gender.

·     Caring for the natural environment and for our living and working environments is a responsibility that nobody may shirk.

·     Local and statutory rules are respected, as is concern for the environment.

·     We count on our employees to endorse and observe our organisation’s mission, vision, values and objectives.



By air we transport daily fresh vegetables, flowers, fruit and fish to Europe.

StaminaGroup BV
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