StaminaGroup: Vision and Facts

The StaminaGroup represents strength, quality and energy. Our aim is to do business in an efficient, responsible and safe manner to realise a long-term relationship with customers, business acquaintances, employees and society. The StaminaGroup aspires to fairness and integrity.

Fresh Food
Production land              650 Ha fruit and vegetables
Employees (direct)         350 - 500
Employees (indirect)       5,000
Products                                    French beans, Legumes,
                                    Sugar snaps, Garden peas,
                                    Passion fruit, Avocados

Fresh Cargo
Air freight schedule         Daily transport from Kenya to Amsterdam
Partners                                    Martinair Cargo, Emirates,
                                   Singapore Airlines, KLM, Kenya Airways
Cold-storage capacity     1,000 - 1,200 tonnes per week
Employees                    150 - 250


By air we transport daily fresh vegetables, flowers, fruit and fish to Europe.

StaminaGroup BV
work P.O. Box 75577
1118 ZP Schiphol-Airport
The Netherlands

T work+31 20 316 04 00
F fax+31 20 316 04 08